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Welcome to aroundkent! Showcasing the amazing people, places

and things in and around Kent, Ohio and all of Northeast Ohio.


live music around kent
Music in Kent Ohio photo by Matt Keffer

xtra crispy at Stone Tavern
We have a list of venues, bands and events that showcase the amazing talent in Kent, Ohio and Northeast Ohio.

Food in Kent Ohio photo credit Matt Keffer
Riverside Wine pasta
The aroundkent team has been eating in and around Kent, Ohio for the past 25 years. Much has changed but not the appetite of the community for good food and drink. We started a list of some great places to eat, organized by casual or fine dining and by food type.


Shop Kent Ohio photo by Matt Keffer
City Bank Antiques
is just one of the many unique places to shop around Kent, Ohio for all of your holiday gifts!

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Debra-Lynn is a photographer, a nationally syndicated columnist
and an advocate of a healthy way of life known as macrobiotics.



Health and Wellness in Kent Ohio photo by Matt Keffer
Giving! Makes Everyone
Feel Good!
Kent Social Services
1066 South Water Street
Kent, OH 44240-3840
(330) 673-6963


Historic Kent, Ohio Images
Historical Images of Kent Ohio


Hattie Larlham Creative Arts
"The Hattie Larlham Creative Arts Program gives artists with profound disabilities a hand and a voice, letting them create without the focus of their limitations. We see the people we work with as artists, refusing to define them by their disabilities, but rather, letting them define themselves by what they can achieve.

Hattie Artists' galleries


Ambling Around Kent - Ambling Around Kent is a blog in which I blather on about the city I love, that I love to walk (amble) around in, and bemoan the occasional injustice (as I see it). Join me - when you're not out ambling around and enjoying this city!


aroundkent has a great list of galleries, news/exhibitions and artists in Kent, Ohio and Northeast Ohio. Click on the link below to view some of the great art in Northeast Ohio.
Independent artists galleries

N.E.O. Contemporary is an ever-expanding resource of many of the top contemporary artists in Kent, Ohio and all of Northeast Ohio. View the work of established and emerging artists dealing with a variety of subjects and media. Links to artists' web sites are also included for further exploration.
Latest additions:
Anthony Bartholomew
Barbara Polster
Bruce Edwards
Craig Lucas
Mark Slankard
Laura Cooperman



Use aroundkent to plan your next visit to the great parks around the area, Cleveland or Akron zoo, camping, farms, activities, art galleries, ice cream, etc. Check out the family section for a list of goodies around Kent, Ohio!


Impetuous Townsend
Cheryl Townsend is Impetuous Townsend
image courtesy Impetuous Townsend

Things That Made Me Smile

   After reading/viewing years upon years of photography magazines, I have come to the conclusion that people like to look at a series, be that a diptyke, triptick or full-blown gallery-stuffed exhibit. They like continuity, a segue of semblance that allows them the pleasure of looking at without having to necessarily look into.




Kent, Ohio's weekly comedy show with a different mix of local and national performers every Monday.


aroundkent is a local, regional website containing relevant information about Kent, Ohio and the surrounding area, including all of Northeast Ohio. Our focus is on art, music, food, family and everything in-between. Most of the content is sent to us by local professionals so it's both accurate and updated regularly. Our goal is simple: to showcase the amazing people, places and things in and around Kent, Ohio. If you're looking to visit Kent or Northeast Ohio, check out aroundkent for a listing of things to do!


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