Showcasing Kent, Ohio and the surrounding
Northeastern Ohio Region.

A Collection of Photos by Matt Keffer

Singer at Plum Creek
Hal Walker Plum Creek with Children's Choir
Haymaker Farmers' Market
Haymaker Farmers' Market Couple
Haymaker Farmers' Market
Haymaker Farmers' Market Women pose together
Haymaker Farmers' Market Band and Dancers
Farmers' market boys petting dog
Elderly man talks to musician at Farmers Market
6 women that are african drummers
Farmers' Market Girl tipping band
Kent Free Library
KSU Archway
John Lewis Speaking at KSU
Towner's Woods Fall Leaves on Water
Little Library at Dan Smith Community Park in Kent Ohio
Band at Acorn Alley
Hey Mavis playing in front of an audience at the Music Festival in Kent at Downtown Gallery
Street Band in Downtown Kent Ohio playing music with guitar case open for tips
City of Invention at Scribbles Playing Music
Beckwith Orchards Kent Ohio photo of apple tree
Elianae Stone Belly Dancer spinning in library exhibition
Elianae Stone Belly Dancer
Kent State Museum in large area with Manequins
Two people posing at Kent Radio Station
Two boys duck behind counter to do a puppet show at Natural History Museum in Cleveland
Jon Mosey sitting in chair playing guitar at Time Bank Farm to Table Fundraiser
Monsterologist Gear of hat and binoculars on mossy log outside
Towner's Woods Moss on a log
15 60 75 Numbers Band on stage outside at Akron Art Museum
Elderly Having Fun with man in foreground drinking a bottle of beer with woman in background laughing
Peggy and Brad at the Heritage Fest playing guitar and singing
Peggy and Brad singing and playing in studio
Printing Concepts Music with Benito's Sign
Ray's Place photo of front of building
Blues Guitarist Robert Cray Plays Kent Stage
Round Town Music Fest Kent Ohio with two musicians playing on sidewalk
Haymaker Farmers' Market band plays with little girl watching
Earth Day Kent Ohio with river monster made from trash pulled out of river
People dressed up for Earth Day Kent Ohio posing in front of the river
Whos your Mama Earth day Fest with woman holding mask in front of sign in front of river in Kent
Lit sign of Stone Tavern Kent Ohio
Tavern at Twin Lakes photo of bar and outside lake background
Photo of Zappa Plays Zappa at the Kent Stage
Woodsy's Music Store photo of storefront
Budweiser Clydesdales walking in downtown Kent pulling wagon
Breakneck Acres Owner Feeding Cows
Breakneck Acres Owner Feeding Chickens
Breakneck Acres Farm Owner leaning on Grain grinder
Chefs cooking at Erie Street Kitchen tent at Haymaker Farmers' Market
Hey Mavis playing at KSU Hotel Kent Ohio
Pat O'Connor speaking to St. Patrick students in classroom
Time Bank Farm to Table Fundraiser photo of servers and cooks in kitchen
Time Bank Farm to Table Fundraiser with speaker, music and photographer
Kent State Music Auditorium with band director and players
Kent State Music with Frank Wiley and Noa the saxophone player posing in hallway
Carlos Jones Downtown Cleveland Music Box Supper Club
Carlos Jones on stage at the Music Box Supper Club in Cleveland
Cleveland Trombone Player in the Flats playing trombone on the edge of the pier of the river
B-17 Bomber in Flight
Tierra Verde Farm owner standing in front of cows
Armstrong Bearcat at Water Street Tavern at Kent Bluesfest
American Roots Music Fest 2018 Dale Galgozy
American Music Festival Kent Ohio Dominics Ray Flanigan and band playing music
Limitless Ambition's Alicia Robinson sitting at her desk at Kent State University
Four women from Kent Community Time Bank gather in front yard at Fundraiser
Young woman in black mask
Acorn Alley Kent Ohio photo taken at night with slight blur of people walking
Three men talk to elderly man in a wheelchair in front of the plane called Nine-Nine Flying Fortress
Three Tierra Verda Farm Cows next to each other
Tierra Verde Farm Pigs
Dog Days of Summer costume contest
Art and Wine Event Dog in front of painting of dog
Socially Responsible Sweatshop members posing at Haymaker Farmers' Market
Wizardly World of Kent
Baba David Coleman posing in front yard with custom made african drum
Jon Mosey playing guitar at the Loft for Blues Fest
15 60 75 Numbers Band playing at the Kent Heritage Fest in Kent Ohio
Musician Patrick Sweaney Plays the Zephyr Patio in Kent Ohio
Greer Timebanking Session with six people sitting at a dining room table talking
Chuck Slonaker walking and rolling his Peace Wheel in front of the KSU Victory Bell
Roger Dipaolo standing next to his partner and the Peace Wheel, a sculpture resembling a peace sign
Group Ten Gallery art show
Portrait of Gwen Rosenberg, owner of Popped, in Kent, Ohio in front of product inside popped.
Two women at the Socially Responsible Sweatshop booth at the Haymaker Farmers' Market
Seven Children on stage at Poetry Ready Event in Kent Ohio
Woman cooking at Vegan Iron Chef in Kent, Ohio
People gathered at Haymaker Farmers' Market in Kent, Ohio
Elderly group of people gathered around an airplane at Maps Air Museum
Musicians Playing at indoor Farmers' Market
Brimfield Bread Oven Photo of Pizza on cutting board
Group Ten Gallery Celebration with artist being awarded top prize
Band playing the Blues Fest Band at the Zephyr in Kent Ohio photographed behind the Band
Musicians at Kent State Hotel playing on the balcony
Buddy the Dog in Downtown Kent
Dogs with owners in downtown Kent
Paul Wang in Kent Library with abacus
Standing Rock Musicians on stage at an art opening.
Two musicians play instruments in a living room in Kent Ohio
Haymaker Farmers' Market Group Shot
Heidi and Musician lean into each other and smile for the camera. The man is holding his guitar and the woman is holding two drinks
Woman and Boy at the Farmers' Market
Socially Responsible Sweatshop helping customers
Haymaker Farmers' Market springtime in Kent Ohio with white blossoming trees
Busy Bee Vendor at farmers' market speaking with little boy
Grilling for Good in Downtown Kent with two women serving a customer
Michelle Culley teaches equine therapy shown here with a horse in a field
Close up macro photo of Giraffe's skin and fur at Cleveland Zoo
No Trespassing sign at Towner's Woods
Red Farmall Tractor from Breakneck Acres
Italian Wedding Soup on cutting board with slice of white bread
Cleveland artist Mark Keffer at solo show and in front of paintings
Chef Jeff from Erie Street Kitchen chopping veggies
McKay Bricker Easter Display with white cards, carved rabbits, and a painting
Who's Your Mama Block Party by the River with a mother daughter pose with costumes and signs
Treno restaurant in the old Pufferbelly with tree in foreground
Son of moondog Recording Studios view of mixing board and sound rooms
Dog looking up in kitchen
Path at Towner's Woods with no leaves on the trees and a really blue sky
Dog Days of Summer Host speaking with woman on stage
Dog Days of Summer event with Marilyn Sessions from Hometown back and Davey Tree Booth with Sandra Reid
Mary Hughes at festival in Downtown Kent
Parade Bicyclist with wings on
Grazers Chefs at the Vegan Cook Off talk to Jeff, exectutive director
Shadows from crab apple tree at night with street light backlighting the leaves
Photo of two people looking at eight paintings at the Standing Rock Cultural Arts Art Show
Frost on glass with blue sky in background
Ticket Sales
Venice and Franklin
Woman Abby Greer with Bodhi her dog sitting on an old wooden structure posing for the camera
Young soccer players running on field laughing
Budweiser Dog
Kent Roosevelt Soccer. Two boys jump in air and chest bump after a goal
Memorial Day Parade in Kent Ohio
Memorial Day Parade
Breakneck Acres Hens
McKay Bricker Display with clothes, hats and picture frames
Farmers' Market Vendors talking to customers
Curious Cows close to wide angle camera lens on farm
Jeff Ingram Standing Rock Cultural Arts director sitting at his desk
Wizardly World mom with children filling out a form
Interior of Ray's Bar with no people in the bar.
Dan Smith Community Park
Inside Off the Wagon with toys everywhere
KSU Students Walking Downtown
Musician Rachael Brown plays piano at Tree City in Kent during a music festival
Boy on Bank of the Cuyahoga River in Kent Ohio with trees with green leaves
Photo of singer Helen Welch at Hometown Bank Plaza with the photo view behind the stage
Pedal with Pete organization with members gathered around a rock at Kent State University
Boy on rocking horse in gift shop at Beckwith Orchards with joyous expression looking at his mother
xtra Crispy at the Stone Tavern
Spin More Records in Kent Ohio image shows vast rows of albums
Flamingo in Akron with feather spread and one eye visible
Holidays in Acorn Alley
Steel Product Photo
Band Playing at Ray's Place
Musicians at Tree City Coffee. The woman is playing a Banjo and man is playing guitar
Band Playing at Zephyr Pub
KSU Band Playing at Football Game in raincoats
Pulled Pork Sandwich with onions on a cutting board
KSU Football Warmups with the qb taking snaps
Boy Portrait looking at camera
Kent Cheesemonger
Bill White with Dogs
Fred Fuller Playground
Woman and Dog
Music at Ray's Place
Silk Mill Building Kent Ohio
Mom and Son walk on wooden bridge with son looking back
Hey Mavis play on stage at Ohio Music in Kent Ohio
Bald Eagle back view of head
Portage Hike and Bike Trail Kent Ohio
Matt Keffer Self Portrait
Fairchild Bridge First Car Drive Over
10 men at Fairchild Bridge Ribbon Cutting
Band at Ray's Place
Bistro Plantains
Young boy pushes his friend in a stroller at the Stow Air Show
Robert Wood at Farmers' Market sitting and reading at his booth containing his artwork
Bistro Soft Tacos
Rusted Farm Equipment in grass
Beckwith Orchard Products
Art and Wine Fest at Hometown Plaza
Woman at Art and Wine Festival Kent Ohio
Cuyahoga River and bridge in downtown Kent
Dan Smith Community Park
Kent Fashion Store with clothes and mannequin
Guitar Player by River
Haymaker Farmers' Market bread, tomatoes, basil and cheese sitting on cutting board outside on a sunny day.
Joe Culley Tabla Drummer sits on ground in Acorn Alley playing instrument
Tie Dye Vendor in Downtown Kent in front of product wearing tie dyed dress
Two musicians on Stage at Jilly's in Akron playing guitar and singing
Image of dogwood tree white blossoms in early spring
Inside Kent Natural Foods with customers and produce
Standing Rock Cultural Arts Earth Day Festival table of masks with people walking in different directions
Photograph of the front of the brick building Kent Natural Foods
Vegan Iron Chef talking to two women
Kent International Festival with people sitting around a table laughing
Treno Restaurant with signage in foreground
Photo of the Kent State Hotel outside looking down from parking garage
Kent veteran sculpture in front of PARTA building
Kent Sculpture outside containing soldiers, one in a wheelchair
KSU Museum mannequin in dress
KSU Museum Front Entrance and waiting desk with man as greeter.
Michelle Culley at work sitting in front of a painting looking off out the window
Front of the brick Cuyahoga Valley Arts Council building in winter
Art and Wine event glasses with a black squirrel on the glasses and tickets inside
Grain Mill in Kent with setting sun hitting face of building
Grill For Good women pitmasters serving up bbq ribs
Girl at Wizardly World in Kent wearing crocheted hat and sunglasses outside
Two women, vendors, at Haymaker Farmers' Market at the Socially Responsible Sweatshop booth
Woman wearing sunglasses holding dog wearing sunglasses at the Farmers' Market
Haymaker Farmers' Market entrance with large banner and blue skies
Hanging Garlic interwoven with flowers at the Farmers' Market
Puppy Face being held by woman in the background blurred out. Dog is brown with floppy ears
Man Plays Guitar at Farmers' Market
Patrick and Sue O'Connor pose at the Farmers' Market
Young boy at the Haymaker Farmers' Market in a stroller staring into the camera with no smile
Woman gives an elderly man a rock to feel at the Environmental Council booth at Haymaker Farmers' Market
Last Exit Books sign in front of door promoting musicians for American Roots Festival
Dog Days of Summer dog that appears to be a poodle sitting in grass
Woman in Costume with dress and mask standing in front of the downtown Kent bridge and Cuyahoga River for Earth Day
Jeff Ingram with drum walking on deck path made of wood wearing a top hat and sun glasses
Panther the black and brown Yorkiepoo dog posing next to a window with natural lighting
Photographer Brad Bolton Looking through Camera
Zephyr Concert. Photo taken outside the fence with crowd faces visible and the back of the band
Lion head and mane staring into camera
Family in Studio with dog on woman's lap
Boxer Puppy with head down looking into camera with floppy ears
Birdsong Farm Sign at Haymaker Farmers' Market in Kent, Ohio.
Black Squirrel sculpture at Wizardly World with Harry Potter scarf
Young Woman with Trumpet Under Bridge
Boy sitting on floor in karate garb
Young man plays violin in the studio
Two Women and a Girl posing at the farmers' market
Rooster runs down ramp of bus
Girl with dog under bridge posing
Marilyn Sessions Portrait
Man and woman hug at the farmers' market
Terminal Tower Cleveland Ohio photographed at night with bridge in foreground. Terminal tower is light up red, white and blue.
Kent Sculpture on campus with bullet hole from 1970 attack on students by national guardsmen
Roger Dipaolo signing peace wheel
Taco Tontos Kent Ohio
Cleveland Rapper MJay sitting in front of microphone
The Snarky Gardener digging in the garden
Mick Rogers Playing Guitar in Scribbles
Mark Keffer Painting in Studio
Woman sitting on the steps of the Masonic Temple in Kent Ohio
Girl at Towners Woods sitting and posing
Acorn Alley in Kent Ohio
Boy in pajamas turning knobs on a Mesa Boogie guitar amp.
Monsterologist, George, with binoculars, hat and Bigfoot patch at Fred Fuller Park in Kent, Ohio.
One of two girls sitting in grass has a peace sign on her knee.
Koala hanging out in a tree at the zoo.
Woman playing guitar and singing at the Art and Wine Festival
Little girl sitting on father's shoulders holding protest sign that says war hurts people to protest Iraq war.
2 boys wearing Halloween costumes. One is Dracula and one is Spider-Man.
Two musicians playing music in Acorn Alley. The woman is playing accordian and the man is playing guitar.
Boy with Camera taking photos in downtown Kent Ohio
Girl Posing in Chair with legs crossed, leather boots and blue background
Wick Poetry Sculpture made out of wook at Kent State
Chef cooking on gas stove with flames shooting up out of pan
Musician Mick Rogers plays solo with guitar at Haymaker Farmers' Market
Girl sitting on ledge at Haymaker Farmers' Market
Boy Finishing Frozen Treat
Musician Gretchen Pleuss playing solo with acoustic guitar at Art in the Park
Finn the Dog at Towners Woods sitting on a wooden Bench.
Outdoor photo of Silk Mill Building in Kent, Ohio
Head and shoulders photo of Nelson Burns, CEO of Coleman Professional Services
photo looking up staircase at the Silk Mill Building in Kent Ohio
Welder with safety helmet welding steel with sparks flying
Tiger staring into camera
Man plays drum by river at Earth Day 2021
Man waters garden at Beckwith's Orchard
Abby Greer at Haymaker Farmers' Market with drum
Man sitting at picnic table facing away from camera. His shirt says Peace Love Hotdog.
Three Amigos Kent Ohio Halloween
Kent Chamber of Commerce under construction

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