Showcasing Kent, Ohio and the surrounding Northestern Ohio Region.

One of the best assets of Northeast Ohio is the diversity of people and their love for music. Thanks to higher education for attracting students from around the world and enriching our lives with culture and compassion. Like Baba David Coleman says in the video below. "There's only one race...that's the human race."

See, she gets it. The value of music. The above photo was taken at the Haymaker Farmers' Market. Start your Saturdays right by visiting the market, located on Franklin Ave. between Main St. and Summit St. under the Haymaker overpass in downtown Kent. Now accessible by the new entrance from the corner of Haymaker and South Water Street, next to Walgreen's. Read more about the market

There are many well-known venues to listen to music and to see the history of many of the musicians. There are also smaller, lesser known venues that are showcasing things like world music. Standing Rock Cultural Arts is a great example in Kent, Ohio. The above photo was taken for an article showcasing world music of Samuel Salsbury and Mike Hovancsek. The 2018/2019 World Music Series at Standing Rock Cultural Arts has been established and will be updated soon.