Showcasing Kent, Ohio and the surrounding
Northeastern Ohio Region.

Bobby Selvaggio
Singer and Songwriter

Photo Courtesy of Heidi M. Rolf

One of my earliest memories is being with my mother and two brothers driving to a  performance my dad, Pete Selvaggio, was  doing. When we got there, I just remember meeting this older musician and not under-standing who this person was or any of the  historical significance of that. At the time, my dad was finishing up being out on the  road with the Guy Lombardo Orchestra, and I believe this was one of the last gigs he was doing with the band before Guy Lombardo passed. It’s pretty cool now to look back at that and see how my dad was part of some-thing that was part of the history of this music I’ve ended up dedicating my life to. aroundKent Magazine Vol 19.

There are many well-known venues in Kent where fans can both listen to music and see the history of the musicians. Smaller venues, like Standing Rock Cultural Arts, bring a different experience by showcasing genres such as world music. The above photo was taken from an article showcasing world music of Samuel Salsbury and Mike Hovancsek.