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Adam Grindler

the Baker’s Basement

A Video Tapestry of Silhouetted Memories

Cleveland based Indie folk-hop duo the Baker’s Basement

Cleveland based Indie folk-hop duo the Baker’s Basement unveils a video tapestry of silhouetted human figures and obscured memories in the spirit of their newest single “Words I Need to Say.”  The music video, created by members Kate Dedinsky and Adam Grindler, harnesses the joy and anguish of revisiting episodes and relationships of one’s past, all presented on a single backlit stage of silhouetted human figures and obscured motion. The video is set to release on Friday, July 15, and will be available for viewing on Youtube and their website.

Stream “Words I Need to Say” here:  Stream New Single Now

Preview the music video here: View New Music Video

“If you’re going to die tomorrow / Could you let me know today? /  I might think a little harder / About the words I need to say.”  It was a snowy February afternoon in Cleveland when intense conversation gave way to these haunting phrases, the beginnings of the Baker’s Basement newest single, “Words I Need to Say.”  Both in a strange headspace, unsure of how to help a friend, the duo felt as this song began taking on a life of its own.

An atmospheric indie-rock tune that builds with desperate tension, the song calls to question what you might tell a loved one if you knew their time was short.  Such dark wonderment would almost certainly carry with it obscured visions of memories long ago created; and so came to be a video tapestry presenting a certain internal playback.

The Baker’s Basement is an indie folk-hop group based in Northeast Ohio, where they have performed, composed, and produced as a duo since 2012.  “Words I Need to Say” is the first single release from their newest record “Wild Wild Sheep,” due to release in early fall of this year.

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