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Urodynamic Studies
Now Available

At uh portage medical center

University Hospitals Portage Medical Center now offers urodynamics, specialized testing for diagnosing urinary problems such as frequent urination and incontinence.

Certified Nurse Practitioner Mary Deley, APRN, FNP-C, explains urodynamic testing to a
patient. Urodynamic tests are valuable tools for understanding and diagnosing urinary problems.

Mary Deley, APRN, FNP-C, is a certified nurse practitioner with UH Portage Urology. She offers answers here to some of the most common questions about urodynamics. “I believe learning about these studies and knowing what to expect can help put patients more at ease with talking about their urinary problems,” she says. “The results are important in planning the patient’s treatment.”

What is Urodynamics?
Urodynamics includes several different studies that give your healthcare provider important information about your lower urinary tract. These studies evaluate how well your bladder and other structures of the urinary tract store and release urine and why you might be having problems urinating.

What Kinds of Problems are Urodynamic Studies used for?
Urodynamic studies are an aid to diagnosing problems with the lower urinary tract. Incontinence in men and women is one of the most common reasons for urodynamic studies, but not the only one. Urodynamic studies also are used to find the underlying cause for other symptoms such as intermittent urination (flow that starts and stops), urinary retention (bladder not emptying completely), frequent or sudden urination, weak stream or frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs).

How many Different Tests are Included in Urodynamics?
Urodynamic testing at UH Portage Medical Center may include:
• uroflowmetry
• postvoid residual measurement
• cystometry
• leak point pressure measurement
• pressure flow study
• electromyography

Depending on your symptoms, your medical history and your physical exam, your healthcare provider may recommend some or all of these tests.

What Should I Expect During and After Urodynamic Testing?
At UH Portage Urology, we perform urodynamics in the office. Most of the studies do not require any special preparations. Most patients are able to tolerate the studies without anesthesia, but we have local anesthesia available for patients who need it. After your tests, you may feel slightly uncomfortable for a few hours when urinating so you may want to rest for the remainder of the day.

Will my Healthcare Provider see my Test Results Immediately?
Results for some tests such as flow tests and pressure studies are available immediately after the tests are completed. For other tests, the results are available within a few days. Your healthcare provider will contact you to discuss the results, what they mean and next steps.

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