Showcasing Kent, Ohio and the surrounding
Northeastern Ohio Region.

2022 Hometown Bank Concert Series

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Hometown Bank Plaza

May 26, TRHS Jazz Band and Orchestra 6-8 pm

June 16, DANJO Jazz Orchestra 7-9 pm

June 23, Joseph Ruben & His Orchestra (40's music) 7-9 pm

June 30, The 122nd Army Band 7-9 pm

July 14, Chardon Polka Band 7-9 pm

July 16, Evolution (Eric Clapton Tribute Band) Blues Fest 7-10 pm

July 21, Monica Robins and the Ninja Cowboys (Country Night) 7-9 pm

August 4, Long Time Gone (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Tribute Band) 7-9 pm  

August 25, Hard Day's Night (Beatles Tribute Band) 7-9 pm

August 27, The Michael Weber Show 7-9 pm

Sept. 16, Monica Robins & The Whiskey Kings (Kent Rocks) 7-10 pm

Brimfield Lions Park

July 21, 2022 The Boomers 7-9 pm

Ravenna Courthouse Lawn

July 14, 2022 The D.B. Band 7-9 pm

Ray's Place, Kent, OH. Photograph by Matt Keffer

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