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David B Lile

In 2009, I ditched my trusty Canon AE-1 film camera to embrace the burgeoning phenomenon of digital photography.

As a sales rep at that time, I spent long days traversing hundreds of miles from Elyria and Willoughby to Rocky River and Shaker Heights, and everywhere in between.

During slow stretches of downtime, I’d cruise the surrounding neighborhoods, along with downtown Cleveland. My heart thumped in my throat and my spine vibrated from the soulful wailings of Hendrix, Guy and Zeppelin, turned up so loud that they could hear it from the top of Terminal Tower!

Then one day I grabbed my digital camera, opened the car door, and stepped onto the hot concrete. I felt the city’s song pulsing beneath my feet, a deep channel of heat and history. I looked out over the classic buildings and saw an unbreakable spirit, forged in steel and rubber and rock n’ roll.

What came next was a technicolor explosion of electric neon intensity.

That was my beginning!

Since then, I have gratefully, gone on to create a prolific body of work that serves as a visual, colorful, love letter to urban and rural environments, from across the United States, Europe and Iceland.

Wherever I’ve landed throughout this world, my photographic mantra remains the same…”To inspire life among the otherwise inanimate, while integrating architectural and environmental elements into powerful expressions of art.”

During these last twelve years, I’ve also experienced the entire gamut of what life has to offer. Among the blessings of life that I have experienced, that offering also included being diagnosed with Leukemia on Christmas Eve, in 2010, and presently having the continued gratefulness and joy of being a Leukemia thriver and survivor for 11 years.

However, my Leukemia experience uniquely magnified my desire to continue tointently live life and create distinctive, intense and vibrant visual imagery.

To date, I have amassed an image catalog of more than ten thousand fully produced artistic environmental images, from around the world…

And I’m not finished yet!

I’m a sixty-eight-year-old, six foot three, wiry bundle of focused and intense energy, light, and loud color! To me, it’s all about fast-moving, heart-pounding momentum, whether I’m walking on a city street or riding my bicycle, capturing images of a brand-new city!

It’s my personal intent and honor to network and build long lasting relationships with interior designers, along with corporate, business, and individual clients. I am always focused too, in finding new ways to "Wow" each client with my environmental image portfolio.

These days you might find me brainstorming with an interior designer about a specific installation project, leading a presentation at a local Camera Club or perched in my office chair in the middle of the night, gently lit by the glow of my desktop monitors.

But there's one thing you can always count on... I will always continue to live life to the max and create something new and interesting…

And I’d be thrilled and grateful to have you experience my work too!

Thank you.

David B Lile

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