Showcasing Kent, Ohio and the surrounding Northeastern Ohio Region.
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Thanks to Western Reserve Public Media for producing the video spot to be aired on WNEO before Nova and Austin City Limits!

aroundKent Magazine is a local, regional magazine highlighting the greatness of Kent, Ohio and the surrounding area. aroundKent is a community driven magazine. It wouldn't exist without the generous local contributors and advertisers. Passionate and knowledgeable professionals write the content, helping us to show the talent located in Northeastern Ohio. We mainly focus on art, music, food, family and the wonderful people and organizations in our community. However, we still find the space to write about things like the sport of curling or local history. Our goal is simple, to showcase the amazing people, places and things in and around Kent, Ohio.

We are always looking for fresh ideas and content. There's always a great story to tell! Let us know if you have one.

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Thanks to Devlin Charlton-Dennis for creating this video!