aroundKent Magazine is a local, regional magazine showcasing the greatness of Kent, Ohio and the surrounding area, including all of Northeast Ohio. Our focus is mainly on art, music, food, family and the wonderful people and organizations that do so much good for our community, but you will also find us sneaking in content about things like the sport of curling or the history of the Silk Mill Building. aroundKent Magazine is a community driven magazine. It wouldn't exist without the generous contributions of the up to twenty contributors per issue and many wonderful advertisers. The content is written by professionals all passionate about their field. We have regular contributors like Kent State University professor and author of "Meet Me At Ray's" and the "Know America" series, Patrick O'Connor. He has a wonderful series called "The Road Less Traveled." Mark Keffer is another regular contributor with his series "Visual Art Showcase", showcasing 3 Northeast Ohio contemporary artists in each issue. The quality of Mark's Visual Art Showcase is a quality level we try to achieve throughout the magazine and since the very beginning has a core component. His expertise in contemporary art and his willingness to showcase other artists is inspiring. 

aroundKent, the website,  is an extension of the magazine, containing more in-depth information, striking photos and videos, and links to some of the best art, food and entertainment for visitors and the Northeast Ohio community.

Showcasing Kent, Ohio and the surrounding Northeastern Ohio Region.
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