One of the characteristics of being a Gemini is being quite scattered. Easily intrigued, easily bored. I am a Gemini, hence the eclectiveness (yes, I made that word up) of my interests. Photography was my first passion. That segued into poetry, then prose, then posies. I am a certified Master Gardener via the Portage County OSE office. I have been an editor & publisher (Impetus magazine/Implosion Press), poetry series organizer (Last Friday Poetry Series at Borders/Fairlawn), bookstore/gallery owner (cat's Impetuus Books & stuff in Kent), and small scale landscaper (3 chicks & a hoe ~ flower bed spiffers)... The last of which I still do, albeit occasionally.

In 1994, along with Dr. Molly Merryman of KSU, we formed WARM (the Women's Art Recognition Movement) and set out to promote the diversity of creative women via group and solo exhibits. We hold an annual silent auction each year at the North Water Street Gallery in Kent with proceeds going to a local charity, usually benefiting women. Lately, a state of hermitude (yes, made that up too) has engulfed me and I confer most prevalently via the internet. Feel free to contact me with garden questions (or call your local extensions office) or just to say hey.
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W.A.R.M. (Womens Art recognition Movement) is a nomadic base for eclectic women artists, writers and musicians to have their creations appreciated by the masses.



Things That Made Me Smile

   After reading/viewing years upon years of photography magazines, I have come to the conclusion that people like to look at a series, be that a diptyke, triptick or full-blown gallery-stuffed exhibit.


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